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Memphis Kinetics was the first to partner with DorsaVi to offer their revolutionary technology for athletes in the Memphis area. We are proud to offer you the latest in performance technology!


Preventing sporting injuries is increasingly important for individuals and teams alike. Using DorsaVi's wearable sensors and software, the physical therapists of Memphis Kinetics can specifically test and compare the strength of the muscles that are important in your sport. They can design or work with your trainer or coach to decide upon an exercise plan to address your weaknesses and help prevent injuries.

Recuperation from injuries requires five important elements:

  1. Early intervention

  2. Thorough assessment and diagnosis

  3. Contemporary physical therapy 

  4. Rehabilitation and strengthening exercise

  5. Load monitoring and graduated return to sport

With the data from your Memphis Kinetics's Injury Screen, therapists, trainers, and coaches can design a program to prevent injury as well as determine when it's safe to return to play. All athletes from professional to weekend warriors can benefit from a screening.  



What are people saying about Memphis Kinetics?

I cannot say enough about how awesome my sessions have been with Jennifer of Memphis Kinetics. As a Pilates instructor who teaches private lessons,  I have been on the search for someone who could give me the same attention and help me reach my goals. I have been to other physical therapists and never been able to make the same progress due to clinic time constraints - with Memphis Kinetics you never feel rushed. I always finish our sessions (training or dry needling) with a full understanding of the issue and knowing the plan of action needed to move forward. Through Jennifer, I have learned to run correctly with NO pain, corrected postural imbalances, and have increased range of motion and stability in multiple areas - ALL while also having fun!

 -Joanna F.

Thankful and Grateful! Memphis Kinetics has not only transformed my running form but has also assisted with quicker recovery after intense workouts. Carie and Jennifer truly want me to succeed. They are compassionate about helping and go out of their way to help me accomplish my milestones and goals. With Memphis Kinetics, I know I will be running in the 2019 Boston Marathon, which is my bucket list race!

-Amber C. 

I was a high school cross country runner and have run numerous ultra marathons. Over the last year bad form finally caught up to me and things began to break down. I had a DorsaVi run and strength screen with Memphis Kinetics. They gave me training tips and altered my form using the training module. On my first runs after working with them I not only felt better but PRed my mile times. If I had worked with them earlier, I have no doubt I could have stayed injury free and might have PRed more races!

-Collins C. 

I have been seeing Carie for almost 2 years now. I was not a runner when I started seeing her but had hopes to run my first half marathon. Carie taught me about proper running form by evaluating my current form and speed. She taught me exercises that would help to strengthen my hip flexors and knees. She also laid out a practical running schedule to help me train for my first St. Jude half marathon. With continuing knee pain, she suggested trying dry needling. It has done wonders for my pain and ability to run long distances. She has without a doubt gone above and beyond the normal duties of a physical therapist! Without Carie’s help and guidance I would not have been able to accomplish my goal of completing my first half marathon. Because of her continued support, I have now run numerous races including 3 half marathons and am now considering running my first full marathon for St. Jude this year! None of these accomplishments would have happened without her!

-Holly D.

Article from Memphis Health + Fitness Magazine

Article from Memphis Health + Fitness Magazine