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Preventing sporting injuries is increasingly important for individuals and teams alike. Using ViPerform™ wearable sensors and software, the physical therapists of Memphis Kinetics can specifically test and compare the strength of the muscles that are important in your sport – then can design or work with your trainer or coach to decide upon an exercise plan to address your weaknesses.

Recuperation from injuries requires five important elements:

  1. Early intervention

  2. Thorough assessment and diagnosis

  3. Contemporary physiotherapy 

  4. Rehabilitation and strengthening exercise

  5. Load monitoring and graduated return to sport

With the data from ViPerform™, therapists, trainers and coaches can more determine when it's safe to return to play. 

Memphis Kinetics
Services & Pricing

DorsiVi Screening

Includes Screening, Assessment, and Intervention suggestions
(Discounts offered for teams and groups larger than 5)


Performance Training

A 45 minute training session to enhance sports performance

$80:1 Session / $360: 5 Sessions / $650:10 Sessions

Dry Needling

Provided by Licensed and Certified Physical Therapists to address soft tissue limitations that are interfering with sports performance

$30: 15 min / $45: 30 min / $65: 45 min

Wireless sensor technology that tracks and measures athlete movements in real-time. Read more: