Memphis Kinetics LLC was founded in 2017 by Jennifer Dixon Brown and Carie Balton McPhail to aid athletes in injury prevention, performance enhancement, and injury recovery. Memphis Kinetics uses DorsiVi's ViPerform™ technology along with skilled physical therapist's assessment to provide visual, objective easily interpreted data. We offer discounts for groups of five and more, and will come to your facility to perform services.


What is  ViPerform™ by DorsaVi

ViPerform™ is a wireless sensor technology that tracks and measures how athletes move in real-time. The ViPerform™ system consists of wearable motion and muscle activity sensors that record data at 200 frames per second, and intuitive software with sophisticated algorithms that turn robust data into easy-to-read and meaningful results. With objective data from ViPerform™, therapists, trainers and coaches can accurately assess risk of injury, guide training programs, and can help determine when it's safe to return to play.



Used By  

  • LA Clippers

  • Houston Rockets

  • Texas Tech

  • Sunderland Football

  • British Gymnastics

  • UK Sport

  • Kieser Training

  • San Palo Football Club

  • England and Wales Cricket Board

  • Rowling Austria Rowing